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Khipus, register anything from your mobile

The word ‘khipu’ comes from the Quechua word 'knot'. The khipu are textile artifacts made by ropes and cotton strings. The khipus (or khipu) served as a tool in the Inca Empire for registration tasks and for sending messages to all corners of the empire. In the same way, with the Khipus DApp you can now register your documents in the blockchain in an immutable way, thus serving as a legal witness of those documents in the future.

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Turn your phone into a khipu

What is khipus?

Khipus is a tool to certify documents and images easily by registering them in the blockchain. Turn your phone into a true khipu able to register any document in the blockchain, so that it can serve as future proof to third parties if needed.

Khipus always has the maximum respect for your privacy. The file or information that are being registered will never be stored in Khipus nor in the blockchain. All the files are only exist in your device, under your full ownership. Only a hash will be stored in the blockchain, which will serve as a demonstrator of reality, integrity and content of the document that is in your possession. On the other hand, this means that the document only exists in your device, so be careful not to delete it, as we don’t keep a copy of it anywhere else!

Built on blockchain technology

One of the main functions of the Blockchain technology is to serve as a secure and immutable registry thanks to its decentralized nature.

Khipus generates a cryptographic proof of any file on your mobile by calculating its hash function and registering it in the blockchain of your choice (among the available ones).

Khipus is a DApp with a set of basic functionalities that allows you to treat your files cryptographically and register them in a blockchain, facilitating in this way the demonstration of their existence under your ownership at a certain time.

Alastria testnet it is our suggestion.

You can also use the Ethereum testnet Ropsten.

You can also use the LacChain network.

Using Khipus

The application is very simple to use. Basically it deduces the hash of the file by means of a standard function Keccak-256, and generates a transaction that allows its registration in the blockchain chosen by the user. For the user it means just a couple simple steps:

  1. Register as new user in the application

    After creating a new user and accepting the terms and conditions of use and the privacy policy, the application generates a public key that can be used in any of the blockchains available from the application.

    reminder Only your device keeps your private key, so don’t lose it!

  2. Register your document´s hash in the blockchain

    Once registered as a user everything is very simple. You can select any file on your mobile phone that you want to register, or just take a picture with your device. The application will calculate the hash of the document or image and generate an immutable transaction record in the blockchain.

  3. Get your certificate

    The application will generate a certificate with all the information related to the transaction that has been registered in the blockchain and will link the file related to that registration. This certification serves as your first evidence to prove the existence of the file, its content and the time when it was registered.

  4. Notarized registration coming soon

    You can request a notarial certification of the entire process, and gives a notarized proof of the document´s hash and its registration on the blockchain, as well as the content and time in which it was registered (thus verifying the existence of the file in your possession at that moment). Khipus makes it easy for you to prepare and get the notarized certificate.

Use cases

These are some of the many situations in which Khipus can be useful for you

You can prove the existence and content of the document at a given time.

The application allows you to directly explore the files of your cloud services. Select it, click register and ... that's it! Khipus will calculate your hash, register it in the blockchain of your choice (among the available ones) and provide you with all the information of the transaction. You will have proof that the file was in your device at that moment in time. You can also send the hash of the document and the registration data so that its registration can be checked by a third party.

Note Khipus In order to respect your privacy, Khipus never keeps the document in its own servers, it only exists in your own storage. If you want to keep it, do not destroy it from your device!

Khipus is your first and fastest certification tool when you want to register an idea, a design, a business model, an article ... In just a few seconds you can certify the existence of any intellectual property in your hands, and even request a notarized record of its content.

Take a picture directly from the application or select from your device the image you want to register and get a certificate. If necessary you can even get a notarized record that allows you to exercise your rights and protect you in case you had to provide proof of any given event to third parties.

Even though you'll still need to do something else to prove the content of that message, but Khipus makes it easy for you to record the screenshot at that moment. We are also preparing a feature that lets you share directly the information from the application to Khipus, so that it is 'hashed' and recorded in the blockchain. The registration in the blockchain will give more legal weight as a proof to the screenshot that you took.

Note Khipus does not save your document/image in any case, so if you want to keep it, do not destroy it.

You can save the email as a PDF in your cloud service, along with all the metadata of the received email. From there, you already know how to register it with Khipus. We are also working on enabling a private Khipus email address to which you can directly forward your emails to register them in the blockchain, automatically sending in return a registration certificate with the content and evidence of the mail (basically, its metadata). As always, we will never keep a copy of anything.

The project

Khipus is a project born with a simple objective: To help all kinds of people discover the registration capabilities of blockchain technology.

With this objective in mind, Khipus DApp brings a simple but powerful feature, the ability to provide legally valid proof of what happens in your mobile device.

The first Beta version of the DApp was released with the aim to put the most basic features of blockchain registration in the hands of the first beta testers.

The second version of the Beta includes an English version, as well as a redesign and improvement of the usability of the DAPP, thanks to the feedback received from our beta testers in the first phase.

During the Beta of the product we have been able to confirm our initial product hypotheses and the received feedback has been positive. Therefore we have decided to upload to the public app stores to attract a higher mass of users and feedback. In the near future, we will work on enabling a full 'compliance' service with the different regulators, especially trusted service providers, to give even more legal validity to the registry of documents through the Khipus DApp.

We will also work with notary collaborators to facilitate the notarization of documents directly from your mobile.

Finally, we will open Khipus step by step to business use, bringing the power of blockchain registration to the corporate environment.

Beta 1.0
Ago 18
Beta 2.0
Feb 19
Sep 19